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One of the most common requests according to our market surveys, is the possibility to adjust the level of firmness, to reach the best spine alignment. Starsprings has worked hard with this wish and are now very proud to present the s-matic series. Adjustable zones, easily operated by the user.


We produce the adjustable cassettes so that you as a bed producer can design the rest of the mattress after your demands. Naturally you will receive our support to get the best possible mattress from your perspective.



  • Correct spine alignment in any position, for any body type
  • Minimizes pressure on hips and shoulders
  • Enables adjustment by consumer
  • Minimizes variations from batch to batch


Available in two versions






Electrically adjustable hip & shoulder zones by wireless remote control.

Electrically adjustable lumbar support by wireless remote control.

-Adjustable zones


The s-matic zone adjustment relies on five cords in the adjustable zone. Our demands and requirements is a cord that doesn’t stretch or wear out during the products lifetime.


In order to achieve top results and endurance we have choosen a 12-braid cord. It’s a one hundred percent pre stretched Dyneema cord.


This cord is used by Starsprings and many others where extreme performance,  high tensile strength, low weight and low elongation is a demand.

NilsEric Stjerna welcomes the S-matic

How to build the S-matic cassette in to a mattress