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Do you already know our most flexible spring unit? By varying the coil preload, instead of using different wires as in traditional zones, we can secure a distinct difference between the zones whilst keeping a smooth transition from one zone to another. This gives you as bed maker the possibility of in one spring unit using three different firmnesses that you can divide in an almost unlimited amount of zones. Now you can create a unique and perfectly designed zoning in so that you can build the best bed or mattress ever.


  • Secures a distinct difference between the zones
  • Smoother transition from one zone to another
  • Almost unlimited zoning possibilities
  • Excellent pressure relief
  • Long-life springs
  • Our top product for spine alignment

All products in this range come in different wire gauges, heights and sizes. Delivered to you clearly marked, roll packed on pallets. Contact us for more info and data sheet.


– Controlled spine alignment!