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There are sometimes needs for a good nights sleep when you are away from home. One of thoose needs is the everyday business

for truckers around the globe. The cabin is their rolling home, for many nights per year. When you sleep more nights in your truck than at home, why settle with lower level of comfort than in yourWe are takingcare of yoursleep, whereever you are. normal bed?


Another riddle to solve is the limited amount of space within a truck cabin. At one hand the safety and ergonomic features of driving and at the other hand, great comfort in a limited space. We have the experience and knowledge how to make great comfort in all different places, limited space, at home, marine environments and automotive cabins; our ingenuity, experience and creativity can give you important advantages to your competitors.

Product Development

Starsprings has since in the beginning of 1970 been supplying the automotive industry both for car and commercial vehicles. Together with our costumers we have develop and launched the most innovative comfort solutions, for example the world’s first expandable bed.

During all these years we have built up huge experience of developing and designing comfort systems for our customers. Starsprings is not limited to comfort products, we have an extended know how in plastic, steel, surface and composite materials.


Most of our products now are supplied to several manufactures of commercial vehicles. We supply upper and lower bunks, bunk boards, safety nets and many other different parts connected to the interior around the sleeping area.

All our automotive production sites are ISO TS certified and we have subsidiaries all over the world. Please see the company information for more details.

If you are looking for a partner in interior automotive development and Starsprings is the perfect supplier!